Daniel James Martin


I've started multiple businesses and the main problem I've always faced is this:

Finding customers.

In my previous ventures I would spend thousands on advertising and had a conversion rate of around 10%. But then the pandemic came and at the beginning of 2022 more than half my client base closed their business. To make matters worse, advertising costs nearly quadrupled.

I was stumped.

I built out a business for two years up till that point and now I had a crisis, how do I get more customers?

I turned to LinkedIn to give it a shot, what do I have to lose? I had less than 500 connections, posted only when I had some achievement and barely knew anyone outside of my immediate context. 

LinkedIn was an incredibly steep learning curve, I had countless nights of frustrations wondering why I wasn't getting engagement, and I faced lots of rejection.

But I went out and learnt, tried and tested various methods and now I've seen incredible results for myself with my business growing faster than before and opportunities that blow me away.

I now work with corporates to train their sales teams, work with their executives to manage their entire profile and content, redesign profiles as well as teaching my system on how to make sales using LinkedIn.

All my learnings in one course: The Social Selling System

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My Results 

I've used LinkedIn to find clients for myself from all over the world. 

What about the results for my clients?

Hundreds of thousands of views, meetings booked with key potential clients, opportunities to appear on podcasts and interviews, increased Social Selling Index score, and dozens of leads.

All based on a process I use every single day: The Social Selling System.

If it's worked for me and my clients, it'll work for you.

If it doesn't work for you within 3 months then I'll refund your money, that's my guarantee.

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