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Daniel James Martin LinkedIn Strategist

You're an overnight success 20-years in the making

It takes time to grow your brand, close deals and become a thought-leader.

It won't happen overnight on LinkedIn but fortunately, our team has the experience and expertise to manage your profile, create weekly authentic content for you to post, and engage on your behalf on LinkedIn.

Delega LinkedIn Specialists Client



Case Study - Results From a Client Engagement

Desired Outcomes

Our client wanted to use LinkedIn to do three things:

1) Build a brand.

2) Book meetings with ideal clients and thereafter sign deals.

3) Become a thought leader in the Amazon space.

Daneel Steinmann Delega LinkedIn Client

1) Build a Brand


Within a few weeks of working together, Daneel's Social Selling Index increased to the top 1% across the board.

A brand is built upon the following fundamentals:

- Authority

- Authenticity

- Actionability

Delega LinkedIn Specialists results from client profile management

2) Book Meetings and Close Deals

Daneel specialises in helping brands expand internationally. 

His ideal client were brands making over $5m a year in revenue. This required targeting their executive leadership to book a meeting.

In the first two months, 30 meetings were booked with over $24 000 worth of deals signed.

Delega LinkedIn Specialists results from client profile management

3) Become a Thought Leader

The industry Daneel is in requires visibility and thought leadership in order to attract the right opportunities.

By positioning Daneel as a thought-leader using carefully created content with high-attention to detail, he received speaking engagements on podcasts. 

He also had an increase of over 600 connections which were mostly organic.



The Why - Insights Into How LinkedIn Works

LinkedIn Social Selling

This is the art of social selling:

Creating high-quality and genuine content that builds relationships, fosters opportunities and grows your rapport with your network through continuous engagement.

Social Selling leaders create 45% more opportunities than peers

There are 8.2 million C-level executives on LinkedIn. It’s easy to blend into the crowd, but far more valuable to stand out.

The hard part? You don't have the time.

78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media

Building a brand that sells for you and delivers results takes time, consistency, and plenty of hard work. Our custom LinkedIn strategies help achieve your desired objectives in a way that is genuine and compelling.

Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota

Imagine a salesman that sold for you 24/7 whilst you slept, or were on holiday. Whether your goal is to build a better network, recruit incredible talent, grow your sales or establish your brand, we help you tap into LinkedIn's opportunities by managing it all for you.



Your Personal Strategist - Saving you 20 Hours a Week

Daniel James Martin

BBusSc Finance with Accounting (UCT), Post-Graduate Diploma in Accounting (UCT)

  • Graduated with a distinction in Corporate Governance and Finance Achieved 80% for Strategic Thinking (BBusSc capstone course)
  • One successful business exit
  • Completed numerous copywriting and LinkedIn masterclasses
  • Feb 22 - Aug 22: 510 000 views on LinkedIn
  • The President's Award Holder (Bronze & Silver)
  • Golden Key International Honour Society Member
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Goals - Helping you Stand Out

Objective 1

A continuously redesigned LinkedIn profile that is all-star aiming to increase your Social Selling Index and drive inbound opportunities. This includes branding.

Objective 2

High-quality production of niche content that grows your network and thought leadership whilst generating traffic, leads and brand authority. Focused on brand-building or sales generating.

Objective 3

Daily outbound activities focused on targeting key decision makers that fit your ideal client or opportunity criteria. This includes managing InMails, comments, profile views, and likes.

Objective 4

Practically managing your profile 5 days a week to ensure you're always active, and always building your brand. This will save you up to 20 hours of productive time a week. 



Pricing - Short to Long Term Engagements

3 Month Engagement


Short-term Goal Orientated

  • 2-3 posts a week
  • Completely redesigned profile
  • All engagement managed
  • Daily comments, messages and connections
  • Improved Social Selling Index

6 Month Engagement


Most Popular

  • 2-3 posts a week
  • Completely redesigned profile
  • All engagement managed
  • Daily comments, messages and connections
  • Improved Social Selling Index

12 Month Engagement


Long-term Compounding Value

  • 2-3 posts a week
  • Completely redesigned profile
  • All engagement managed
  • Daily comments, messages and connections
  • Improved Social Selling Index

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