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High-quality prospecting strategies driving consistent results.


Fractional Sales Team

For Amazon agencies, we prospect your ideal sellers and create a consistent pipeline through a quality outbound process. We've booked hundreds of meetings generating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Executive LinkedIn Management

Want to build your brand and profile on LinkedIn but don't have the time? We've helped executives get plenty of opportunities through LinkedIn: speaking opps, new deals, and more.

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LinkedIn Sales Enablement

For sales teams and working professionals, leverage our LinkedIn training to boost your success on the platform with proven strategies that'll help you reach your goals.

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How we developed winning outbound strategies across 3 channels

Forged in the frontline trenches of sales.

Our team is made up of talented sales professionals who have mastered the three mighty sales channels:

LinkedIn, email and call.

Imagine this.

You've started as an entry-level sales development representative tasked with booking meetings with prospects from across the world.

A year later?

You're Head of Sales Enablement for one of your clients.

A year of hard work, a unique sales system, and strategies that no other SDR was using resulted in becoming one of the highest-performing SDRs in the company. 

Fastracked to Senior Sales Associate, and then Head of Sales Enablement, Daniel put together his strategies and started helping numerous agencies in the the Amazon and B2B space to grow their sales.

Taking it one step further, his LinkedIn sales process was refined into The Social Selling System that trains sales teams in the 4 steps to get hundreds of thousands of views on LinkedIn, more clients, a stronger network, and increased brand authority.

- Find new leads and prospects

- Build relationships

- Overcome objections

- Streamline your time spent on sales

- Meet sales targets

With over 110 sales professionals trained, it's helped increase meetings with key prospects resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in deals all over the world.

Learn the 4-steps to LinkedIn sales
Daniel James Martin founder of Delega LinkedIn Specialists

"His clarity in purpose to assist his customers is clear in all his work." 

- CEO, Startup Aggregator

"He is passionate about what he does and goes the extra mile for his clients. I highly recommend his knowledge, skills and services."

- CEO, Legal Firm

"I would give recommendation to his services with complete confidence in the work that he does." 

- COO, SAAS Company

How we built our outbound sales process



Using intent data and multiple sources, we'll find your ideal leads no matter where they are across LinkedIn, email and call.

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Creating a tailored cadence, we'll use a high-quality multi-channeled approach to contact the leads and book a meeting.

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We'll find the decision maker whether it's a family business or an S&P500 company. With a meeting booked, all you need to do is close.

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We're incentivized to provide you the best opportunity to close and secure revenue. We're focused on your long-term growth, together.

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Some of our results

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The LinkedIn Social Seller

One actionable tip on social selling.

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