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Free Guide: How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Jul 30, 2022
How to make an All-Star LinkedIn profile

Making your LinkedIn profile stand out is the best investment you could make.

Not only that, but LinkedIn themselves have said that if your profile is All-Star you'll receive more relevant feed updated and the kicker: more profile views!

It’s essentially crafting a tool that will sell for you even when you’re sleeping, on holiday or whilst you work.

Here is the before of the profile I redesigned:

How would you improve it?

Here’s some aspects wrong with it:

  • The header is not visually appealing.

  • The profile picture cuts off some information of the header, especially on mobile.

  • The tagline is too complicated and doesn’t convey what he does, and who he does it for within 3 seconds.

  • Creator profile not enabled (so many extra features and benefits).

  • Profile picture is off center

Here is the improved version:

This is only the top part of his profile but the redesign has a much greater effect on anyone visiting the profile.

Make your profile stand out!

  1. Have a great looking header

  2. Make your tagline clear (I help/build/create …. for ….)

  3. Your profile picture should be good quality and trustworthy

  4. Enable creator mode

  5. Fully complete your profile with incredible copy

Well done, you're an All-Star!


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