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Free Guide: How to post everyday on LinkedIn

Jul 23, 2022
content performance on LinkedIn

Content is king on LinkedIn.

If you aren't posting regularly then you're missing out on an incredible opportunity.

Only 1% of people post every week on LinkedIn. 

So what?

That means there's millions of eye balls and not much content to consume. This presents an incredible opportunity to make content that grows your business and gets you more clients.

How to post everyday:

  1. Start by establishing your niche, who is it that you want to speak to?
  2. Build up your network based on your target audience related to your niche
  3. Write down 20 of their pain points
  4. Write down 20 ways you solve their pain points
  5. Take one pain point, and use it as a starting point for an observation, a step by step guide to solve it, a success you've had, a failure, a controversial opinion you hold all related to the pain point.
  6. Write three posts related to that one pain point based on the above ideas
  7. Stagger them out over the next three weeks.
  8. Repeat the process with two other pain points.

Now you have 3 posts ready for the next three weeks.

Not just any content, but content aimed at your target audience that has opportunity to convert.

That's how you start, then you gradually move to 6 posts a week!


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