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Learn the 4-step process to making sales using LinkedIn

This system has generated sales worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients across the world.

  • Save time with a practical sales process that sells for you
  • Find high-quality leads and build your relationships and trust with ideal customers
  • Build a brand that generates inbound leads
  • Create engaging content quickly & consistently
  • Overcome objections with focused content
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Who this was made for?

Who is this for?

Created for the salesperson and business owner to leverage LinkedIn to make sales.

Answering these questions:

  • How do I build my network with my ideal client?
  • How do I increase my Social Selling Index?
  • How do I make engaging posts?
  • How do I generate leads?
  • What should I post? How do I come up with content ideas?
  • When should I post? How often?
  • Who do I connect with?
  • How do I effectively use InMails?
  • What to do when someone views my profile?
  • How do I get people to like my posts?
  • Do I use hashtags? Which ones?
  • Automations?

Using this system will save you time, get you clients, help you create engaging content and build your brand.

Who isn't this for?

If you're already making sales using your own LinkedIn system whilst growing your network and building your brand.

And you do all of these:

  • You post consistently multiple times a week.
  • You've built your network with your ideal client.
  • You know how to 'hijack' your competitor's audience.
  • You're getting messages and tags from your ideal client who wants your services.
  • You're never short of content ideas to post.
  • You have your own Customer Relationship Manager.
  • You're experienced with InMails.
  • You use automations to keep your LinkedIn sales strategy consistent.
  • You have a daily/weekly/monthly checklist of checks to perform to ensure you're consistent.

If you're not doing all of the above, then this system was made for you.


What's inside?


Step 1

Inbound Strategy

  • Use the Niche Builder to find your niche
  • Learn how to create a profile that generates you inbound leads
  • Learn how to find and improve your Social Selling Index Score
Increase your SSI

Step 2

Content Strategy

  • Get access to a content idea generator that has 1100 content ideas
  • Learn how to make content that sells
  • Understand how to structure your posts, when to post and how to automate the process
Learn how to create 1100 posts

Step 3

Outbound Strategy

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to find your ideal customer
  • Understand how to send connection requests and InMails that are successful
  • Learn how to leverage your competitors on LinkedIn
Know how to target your clients

Step 4

Practical Sales Strategy

  • How to manage the day to day of LinkedIn to stay productive and prevent the mindless scroll
  • Learn how to manage your sales pipeline on a weekly basis
  • Understand the monthly strategy of improving your opportunities
Learn the day to day of LinkedIn

All The Tools You Need To Make Sales Using LinkedIn

Tried and tested resulting in hundreds of thousands of views, dozens of meetings booked with ideal clients and a system to keep you consistent rain or shine.

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